The Role of Institutions in Generating Successful Legal Transplants: Interview with Dr. Amber Darr

We had the honour of asking Dr. Amber Darr a few questions on legal transplants, competition law, and how legal environments 'absorb' imported rules.







Our main questions to Dr Darr: 

1. The interrelation between comparative law and development studies to perform and analyse legal transplants - 5:00

2. The concepts of compatibility and legitimacy - 14:43

3. The role of legal and political institutions in the adoption of the law - 27:10

4. The role of the judiciary in ensuring coherent enforcement of the law - 36:30

5. The case of competition law and in India and Pakistan - 51:10

If you want to know more about Dr Darr's research on the role of institutions in generating successful legal transplants, we recommend that you read the following articles: 

- Darr A, ‘The Role of Institutions in Generating Successful Legal Transplants: A Comparative Analysis of the Adoption of Competition Laws in India and Pakistan’ (2019) 14 Asian Journal of Comparative Law 65;
- Darr A, ‘Role of Courts in Enforcing Competition Laws: A Comparative Analysis of India and Pakistan’ (2019) 7 Journal of Antitrust Enforcement 75.