The financialization of civil society activism: Interview with Prof. Tomaso Ferrando

We have interviewed Prof Tomaso Ferrando (University of Antwerp Law and Institute of Policy Development) on his paper (co-authored with Dr. Davide Cerrato) 'The financialization1 of civil society activism: sustainable finance and the shrinking of bottom-up engagement'.

Our main questions to Tomaso:

1. In your paper you adopt a novel approach to environmental, social, and governance reporting, can you tell us a bit more about ESG reporting in general?

2. What are the novelties introduced by the EU legal framework? (14:13)

3. Does the EU directive promote the participation of civil society in the process of 'ideation'? (26:17)

4. Are these measures effective to achieve the promised sustainability objectives? (39:44)

We took the conversation from there to touch upon many other issues related to ESG reporting. Thank you Tomaso for your brilliant insights!